Tiggrio Chocolates

About Tiggrio

Tiggrio ("tig gree oh") is a philosophy that welcomes new experiences and celebrates life's every-day special moments. It's a willingness to try anything of quality (in this case, fine chocolates) at least once, and have fun sharing that experience with others

Tiggrio Chocolates is a Seattle based company offering fine hand-crafted European inspired chocolates and chocolate edutainment.

Our approach to making chocolate is similar to that of an artisan wine maker. We use premium ingredients that complement the chocolates’ 'terroir’ (“ter wahr” -- the natural flavors imparted by the land, and enhanced during the cocoa bean roasting process). The products we develop create a harmonious symphony in your mouth that slowly ends, on one long, perfect, note.

Tiggrio products can be found online, at local events and artist studio shows, and home chocolate parties. We also offer corporate event packages. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Tasting events and chocolate party themes include:

XTreme Chocolate; A Tasting from Dark to White
Touring the Chocolate Countries; A Tasting from Plantations across the Globe
Chocolate & Wine (or Beer or Scotch or Port) Pairings
Chocolate Truffle Making

We will also work with you to design a unique experience for your guests.


Contact Us

Email: info@tiggrio.com


"Good Living is an act of intelligence, by which we choose things which have an agreeable taste rather than those which do not." Brillat-Savarin